How did God speak to you through Ed Law March 31 sermon entitled, The Outlandish Promises of God
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3/28/2019 11:59 AM

“The Outlandish Promises of God” 2 Samuel 7


I.  David expresses his desire to build a house for the ark of God 1-3

·                     God’s blessed ones are eager to return the blessing to God.  How do you compare with David’s passion to bless God?




II. The LORD declares that he will establish an eternal house for David 4-16  

·                     We can never out give God.  What is your heart response after reflecting upon God’s amazing grace?




III. David praises the greatness and faithfulness of God 17-29

·                     God’s outlandish promises are an assured reality to faithful people.  How does the sure prospect of heaven drive your actions today?


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